Tree Swing Hanging Kit (SafeTree) | BEST Straps on Amazon?! (7 Reasons Why!)

tree swing hanging kit straps amazonSafeTree is an outdoor playground equipment company dedicated to providing its customers a tree swing hanging kit with the Tree Swing Straps that are EXTRA safe, reliable, and trusted by more than 1000 satisfied customers.

Check out our Tree Swing Hanging Kit on Amazon! Such an outstanding product is the result of SafeTree’s standard; we constantly strive for quality, and make sure to always provide the most safe, reliable equipment for not only children, but adults, babies, and everyone else too!

Our Outstanding & Safe Productstree swing straps kit rope chain set

All of our products are manufactured to be incredibly durable and high quality. Our products are meant to stand for years in your backyard, and if they ever actually break, we have a 100% international money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your tree swing hanging kit & SafeTree tree swing straps.

The infographic on the right shows just how strong our Tree Swing Straps are (Click here to get them for only $18.99 on Amazon!). You’ll notice how each part of the strap is designed to hold an incredible amount of weight and support any adult, child, or even grandparent!

Our product line currently contains just thebaby swing child seat tree swing hanging kit, but we will be expanding to products including:

– Tree Swings

– Hammocks

– Baby Swings

It is our genuine, consistent goal to provide you with all the equipment you need to take advantage of your beautiful backyards parks, and woods.

Also, it is our goal to keep you satisfied and safe with a product you trust and will own for years to come. We make sure our customers are proud to own tree swings that can be used by kids, toddlers, adults, and even your grandparents! SafeTree’s commitment to excellence and quality will protect your family, and make sure they have the most fun possible.

Our Famous Tree Swings Hanging Kit

tree swing hanging kit straps amazonSafeTree’s Tree Swing Hanging Kit is our most well-known product. It features two 6 foot swing straps that are made of 100% commercial grade polyester. The swing set is able to withstand the harshest winters and absolutely brutal summers without showing signs of wear. They will make sure you all swing safe for years, and even decades, to come.

While the straps are made of polyester and provide incredible strength for any swing or person wanting to use them, we have included two FREE reinforced carabiner hooks that are made of industrial strength steel, and are essentially indestructible.

reinforced metal carabiner safetree

Additionally, each carabiner comes with a screw in lock that provides yet another layer of protections, and makes sure that who ever chooses to use our tree swing hanging kit has ANOTHER layer of protection, to make sure they have even more fun, with basically no risks.

SafeTree’s Values

safetree swings companyWhatever you want to call it… SafeTree’s tree swing hanging straps, tree swing straps, tree swing straps kit, tree swing kit, tree swing hanging kit…. there’s so many names, but the product is still the same. Our straps make sure you SWING SAFE.

We hope it has become clear that our greatest priorities are strength and safety. We believe that safety should never be sacrificed, even for a product that costs $20.

backyard swing for adults hangerThis is why we have the PERFECT length straps, with EXTRA strength, and EXTRA strong carabiners. Here are 7 amazing reasons to buy our straps, and swing safer than ever!

Due to the high strength nylon we use in our tree swing hanging kit each strap holds up to 600 pounds (total 1200lbs). That’s essentially 6 grown men on a single swing…. The branch might break before the straps ever do!

Note that our rings and carabiners are made of 100% stainless steel, & you’ll feel relieved knowing that your swing tree straps will never rust, fade or be affected by unpredictable weather.

tree straps around branch

All of this is sure to provide sufficient strength for tree swings for adults, toddlers, tikes, toddlers, and anyone else, in almost any backyard!

So what do you think of our straps so far? Well keep reading because we have some GREAT news for you that’ll make you extra confident in trusting SafeTree and our tree swing hanging kit! (which is 100x better than any rope swing or rope chain on the market…)

Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy for Tree Swing Straps

SafeTree is extremely unique in the fact that we have an absolute, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your tree swing straps (tree swing kit) tears, breaks, or isn’t exactly how you want it, you get every single penny back, no questions asked.

tree swing straps tree swing kit tree swing hanging straps tree swings for adultsSafeTree straps actualy SAVE YOU MONEY: Our tree swing straps provide ultimate tree protection,  since they are made of polyester and put almost no stress on the tree, while providing so much safety for YOU. SafeTree strives to place a great emphasis on designing products that won’t damage the beautiful trees on this beautiful planet, in your beautiful backyard!

tree swing straps kit rope chain set



That is why we use a 2″ nylon strap to wrap around the tree branch of your choice. Wrapping around the tree (even multiple times) ensures safety for kids, or children who choose to use your swings on literally any tree. This swing kit is safer for your children since it can handle extreme loads, that would be difficult to attain if you tried to break SafeTree’s straps!

Don’t forget our 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy. Click on SafeTree to learn more about our company, and how we are absolutely confident that you’ll love it! We’re so confident that you’ll love this tree swing strap kit that it is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, and to learn more about SafeTree, or our straps, scroll down to the end of this page and check out what tabs are available, or check out our articles in the top right hand corner. Swing Safe! With SafeTree.